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AmLabs offers top quality laboratory supplies including microscope slides, control slides, coverslips, and microscope slides mailer at the Best Prices on the internet. We supply microbiology, hematology, histology, pathology and university research laboratories with their testing consumables.


We have laboratory grade quality on Color Frosted Microscope Slides, Electro-statically Charged slides, Silane-treated Adhesive Slides, Plain slides or Double frosted slides that won't blow your budget. 


CoverglassAmLabs™ offers clean and clear cover glass for specimen processing.  Vacuum-packed and guaranteed moisture-free, AmLabs cover glass never sticks, and we do carry all the popular sizes.


Prepared Control Slides:  AmLabs™ offers a large selection, including hard-to-find histopathology slides and immunoperoxidase control slides like h pylori, acid fast bacteria (afb), fungus, fite, trichrome or iron.  All are available in sets of 10, 20, or 100 ( the most economical size ).



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Do you have a slide Inkjet Printer or a Slide Etcher? AmLabs Color Frosted and/or charged microscope slides work beautifully - and most likely at a fraction of your current cost. Use AmLabsas the cost effective alternative for use with Leica®, Dako® , ThermoFisher®, or other automatic slide marking equipment.


AmLabs carries benchtop lab equipment and other lab products too, all at great prices.  Check out our selection and prices on biopsy cassettes, marking dyes, microscope slides mailer and storage boxes, disposable scalpels, and freeze spray. We have the right color frosted microscope slides, double frosted microscope slides charged slides or control slides for your process.


Free samples are available on most items, and  AmLabs™ offers a 100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee. We offer free shipping with no hidden charges.



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